Clearing a path to faster production

Highest Quality Materials

Our universal mirror handle accepts most standard mirrors on the market and can be used with or without the Accu-Channel for a true one size fits all solution.

Innovative Hollow Handle

Our innovative handle is lighter and more ergonomic than standard handles. Combining the hollow handle with our Accu-Channel nozzle allows practitioners to spray air and water from the handle tip well outside the work area.

Disposable Accu-Channel Attachment

The Accu-Channel nozzle directs air and water perfectly over the mirror face under any conditions and in any position, saving countless hours and is easy to use for any experience level.

See Clear View in Action

I can just spray air and water right down the handle and it clears the mirror in seconds without ever moving the mirror out of the field of view!

Dr. Rich

It saves me so much time not having to remove the mirror from the mouth as often. It only took us a few patients to get into a rhythm and now we save a ton of time and our work quality has increased from the better vision and more stable mouth environment.


I love the quality feel of the handle, its light, ergonomic, and doesn't feel bulky at all.